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Peersonic Weatherproof Kit

Peersonic Weatherproof Kit

The Peersonic bat recorders are all based upon the same recording circuit board, and identical operating functions are available on the handheld RPA equipment as on the weatherproof static equipment so it's very easy to move from one device to the other as your needs change. All Peersonic handheld equipment is furnished with a tripod thread.


Key Points

  • Full spectrum recording at 384k samples/second gives ability to record up to 192kHz.
  • Concurrent sound monitoring in Heterodyne or Frequency Division.
  • Data signal processing gives concurrent display of peak energy frequency and power bar.
  • Time stamp included on all solutions.
  • Auto record – trigger on event magnitude.
  • Sleep mode saves power during the daytime.
  • Low cost to maintain.
  • Full kit, as shown, not including tripod.


The weatherproof unit consists of an IP67 enclosure and fittings, which is waterproof and submersible. A battery management board (BatMan) ensures that expensive rechargeable "D" cells are not over discharged, which can cause permanant cell damage. This also ensures that batteries  (not included) are healthy on deployment, minimising the chance of a wasted session.


Safety Protection

Safety circuitry is provided to prevent damage due to accidental reverse battery connection.


Duration of Use

Deployment time, depending upon night length is 5 nights plus.


Professional and academic customers justify their decision to use Peersonic equipment:

  • At this price and for this quality of recording, I can equip my whole team with recording instruments.
  • Setting up auto record and saving parameters means that I can leave equipment with a total novice. This has allowed a wide coverage of territory without demanding time from trained specialists. All they need to do is turn it on.
  • I needed a microphone with an extended frequency response. Peersonic supplied at the same price as the standard internal microphone (£30).
  • A single unit that does everything I need without additional gadgets for record and display.
  • I can use an adaptor to turn my handheld RPA3 into a remote mic static recorder at minimum cost.
  • I have purchased several RPA3 recorders, they can be left in a line of travel and reveal activity data over a controlled area, at a fair price overall.

    We can only supply to EU countries so the prices exclude VAT but include EU shipping.

    VAT/duties will be payable by you before/when you receive your order.

  • Warranty & Repairs

    All warranty issues and repairs will be dealt with by Peersonic in Windsor, UK.

    Wildlife Services are simply the exporter of the equipment and accept no responsibility for any warranty issues or repairs.

VAT Included
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