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Pine Marten Den Box (NB)

Pine Marten Den Box (NB)

  • Designed to provide an artificial breeding site for pine martens.
  • Based on Vincent Wildlife Trust specification.
  • Den chamber size is similar to natural den sites.
  • Box has good thermal properties and provides a safe, warm, dry marten box.
  • Manufactured from FSC Certified wood.


Our pine marten boxes can be used to provide artificial breeding sites where natural sites (such as tree cavities) are rare or absent. Den boxes have proved to be a successful conservation tool in Scotland with boxes occupied year after year.


Pine martens have been found to use den boxes to:

Raise young in spring/summer

Shelter from bad weather

Rest in during the day

Stay safe from predation (foxes) above ground level


The key features of our den box design are:

Den chamber size is similar to natural den sites

Good thermal insulation from the use of thick timber and boarding

Reduced rain/snow penetration: close fitting panels (precision machined in our workshop) with entrance holes at base and roof with edging.

Reduced heat losses from convection: snug fitting panels and entrance hole arrangement reduces airflow, particularly around den chamber.

This is a proven design based on the VWT Den Box, which we have optimised for precision manufacture using the specialist equipment in our workshops. Constructed from 18mm precision cut from 18mm FSC Certified exterior grade birch plywood with 2 strong battens to the back of the box for mounting, this is a box designed to last.


ProductPine Marten Den Box
Product-Code M1PINZZZZ
MaterialsFSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood with FSC Certified Softwood Batten
ConstructionPanels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
FinishNon-toxic water based stain and preservative
DimensionsOverall height: 57cm, Overall width: 56cm, Overall Depth: 27cm, 
FixingBattens on back of box
    VAT Included
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