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Premium Ecology Open Ledge Bird Box

Premium Ecology Open Ledge Bird Box

Premium Ecology Range

A range of Premium quality habitats suitable for Nature Restoration and rapid Biodiversity Net Gain projects through habitat supplement intervention. The long-life habitats have been designed with long-life materials and monitoring capabilities, essential for habitat restoration.


The are manufactured in a UK workshop, from sustainably sourced and recycled materials, and have a 20 year structural guarantee. We use recycled farm plastics, FSC accredited duraply timber and premium screw and metal furniture construction to produce this range of nesting and refuge units for a wide range of bird, mammal, invertebrate, reptile and amphibian species products.


Dimensions: 230 x 235 x 270 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg


Our handmade bespoke wildlife products can take up to two weeks to build and deliver if not in stock.


Introducing our Open Ledge Nester, thoughtfully designed in the shape of a deep, open ledge with an apex roof for added shelter. Inspired by the preferred nesting spots of blackbirds, this carefully crafted nester provides an inviting haven that extends its appeal to other avian species such as robins, dunnocks, and wagtails.


Mimicking the natural environments favored by these birds, the open ledge design offers a secure and spacious platform for nest-building activities. The apex roof not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides crucial shelter, ensuring a comfortable and protected space for our feathered friends.


Elevate your garden's biodiversity with this versatile nester, offering an ideal nesting solution that aligns with the nesting preferences of multiple bird species. Create a welcoming haven for blackbirds, robins, dunnocks, wagtails, and other feathered residents, fostering a vibrant and thriving avian community in your outdoor space.

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