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Pulsar F50 thermal lens

Pulsar F50 thermal lens

Provides 2.5x - 20.0x magnification, 12.4° field of view and a 1800m detection range on the Helion XP Series. Attaches via a quick bayonet mount and is waterproof.

In brief, Pulsar F Thermal Lenses Feature:

  • Quick bayonet mounting
  • waterproof housing
  • retained lens cap
  • High magnification
  • Long detection range
  • Compatible with Helion XP models


(For Helion XP)
Detection Range
(For Helion XP)
F28 Thermal LensPUL-790531.4x - 11.2x1000m
F38 Thermal LensPUL-790541.9x - 15.2x1350m
F50 Thermal LensPUL-790552.5x - 20.0x1800m
    VAT Included
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