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Pulsar Helion lenses - HIRE

Pulsar Helion lenses - HIRE

For Hire. Adjust Quantity for the number of weeks you want it.
If you need a camera, please email us with your requirements.


The Helion F50/F28* thermal imaging monocular lenses are available for hire. Hire rate starts at £75 per week and you should alter the quantity for multiple weeks. Hire rate changes as you change options.


Terms are very simple, and are as follows:

Units are hired at client's risk, and therefore you must insure them. Any unit that is damaged or lost must be paid for at our current new sales price, in addition to the amount already paid to hire the unit.

Units must be returned using an insured and tracked service such as DHL or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Proof of address (utility bill) and identity (driver's licence) may be required.

Please send us an email to tell us the dates when you wish to hire them.


We recommend that you allow time to test the units before deployment, in case they have been damaged in transit or have an issue we have not spotted.

Please order in plenty of time to ensure we can get the lens(es) to you when you need it/them!


These are the discontinued Helion F50/F28* f1.4 models, not the Helion 2 f1.0 lenses, and you can hire either/both of the 28mm and 50mm lenses.


Field of view is 12.4 degrees with 50mm lens and 22 degrees with 28mm lens. You can hire one or both lenses.

CLICK HERE for the Helion XP50/XP28* specifications and manual


* Note that these units are referred to as the Helion XP50/XP28 cameras and F50/F28 lenses. These are not the newer Helion 2 or Helion 2 Pro models. These F50/F28 lenses will fit all Helion/Helion 2 models.

    PriceFrom £75.00
    VAT Included
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