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Rain Guard for Moth Trap (NB)

Rain Guard for Moth Trap (NB)

  • Provides protection for an exposed bulb in a moth trap.
  • Rain guard includes octagonal clear plastic cover (3mm thick x 26cm across) and mounting rods with nuts and washers.
  • Easy to fit to our moth trap which comes with pre-drilled mounting holes on the light board.
  • Easily retro fitted to other light boards (requires 2 holes to be drilled).
  • Quick and easy to mount and stores flat for transport.


The Moth Trap Rain Guard protects the bulb when running your moth trap. Some bulbs can run at quite high temperature so the rain guard can provide protection for the bulb from rain and reduce the chances of anyone inadvertently touching the bulb. The rain guard consists of an octagonal polycarbonate sheet, 3mm thick and 26cm across, which is supported above the bulb. It quickly and easily attaches to the light board of our moth trap by two threaded rods and wing nuts. These enable the mounting hight to be varied to suit the bulb and lamp holder which you are using. The supporting rods are 30cm long enabling a maximum distance between light board and rain cover of 27cm – plenty for almost all bulb/lampholder combinations.


If you don't have our moth trap with its pre-drilled holes in the light board it’s simple to retrofit the rain guard to most other Skinner type moth traps. To mount the guard all that is required is to drill two holes of 6-7 mm diameter on your light board for the threaded rods to fit through. The easiest way to get the spacing of these holes correct is to simply place the rain guard on top of the light board and use the holes in the plastic sheet as your template.


ProductRain Guard for Moth Trap
Product-Code IZMOTRGZZ
Cover3mm Polycarbonate Sheet; 26cm across flats
Mounting 30cm threaded rods with washers, nuts and wing nuts.
Weight0.4 kg
    VAT Included
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