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Schwegler 2GR bird nest box

Schwegler 2GR bird nest box

The design of this nest box and its front panel provides effective protection against cats and martens. With its choice of oval or three-hole entrance, the nesting chamber is well lit despite its size. Because of the entering light, the nest is built very low down at the rear of the box, away from the reach of predators.

The front panel, with its integrated protection against cats and martens, can be easily removed for inspection and monitoring, providing an unobstructed view of the nest.

With its enlarged brood chamber and predator protection, the 2GR is widely used in parks and woodlands. A common feature of monocultures is the prevalence of attack by insects and other pests; the 2GR helps by encouraging a higher breeding success by birds that eat pests.

The box is supplied with a hanger and an aluminium nail. An additional recess suitable for bats has been created inside the roof space. In combination with the oval flight hole, bats can also find a slope to roost on.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete Nest Box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
External dimensions: W 20 x H 31 x D 27 cm.
Enlarged interior of nesting chamber: W 14 x D 19 cm.
Weight: approx. 6.7 kg.
Includes: Nest box, hanger and aluminium nail.

Occupants (oval): Coal, Blue, Marsh, Great and Crested Tit, Redstarts, Nuthatches, Collared and Pied Flycatchers, Wrynecks, Tree and House Sparrows, Bats.

Occupants (triple): Blue, Marsh, Great and Crested Tits. Due to the small size of the entrance hole no other species is able to occupy this nest box.

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