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Schwegler nest mould for swifts

Schwegler nest mould for swifts

The shape of this recess prevents the eggs from rolling around and can therefore improve the survival prospects of the young birds. It is commonly used with great success in many natural and artificial nesting places and is specifically recommended by experts. It is also frequently used in scientific ringing projects. It can provide the basis for a nest in skylights and roof spaces, gaps between rafters, in church towers and other areas accessible to Swifts, in dark areas where there are no nearby entrance holes.

Ideal for use inside SCHWEGLER Swift Boxes 1MF, no. 14, no. 15, no.16, no. 16S and more.
Does not fit in Type no. 17 boxes.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
External dimensions: W 13.5 x H 3.5 x D 20 cm.
Diameter of nest shape: 9.5 cm.
Brood mould: Inside-∅ 9.5 cm.
Weight: approx. 0.5 kg.

    VAT Included
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