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Schwegler Nesting Baskets

Schwegler Nesting Baskets

The diameter and shape of the first two Nesting Baskets for Raptors and Owls match those of the natural nests of Crows, Magpies and certain Raptors. The baskets are attached (by wire) to the forks of trees and have proved highly successful. Birds Of Prey and Owls tend to use the same nests and eyries for many years.

The smaller Nesting Basket is supplied with a mulch of mixed tree bark. This should be thoroughly dampened, spread around the basket and pressed in with the palm of the hand. The only changes are made by the birds themselves each year when they add small branches and twigs to reline the nest. The same process can be applied to the large nesting basket if desired using local materials.


Nesting Baskets

Material European Willow | different sizes


Size ∅ 40 cm - £95
Suitable for: Long-eared Owls, Kestrels, Hobbies. Occasionally Peregrines too, in areas where they nest in trees.
Height above ground: 5 m and above.
Sites: Edges of woodland, clearings, areas cleared by windfalls, parks and fruit trees etc.
Bedding included.


Size ∅ 70 cm - £145
Suitable for: Common and Honey Buzzards, Red and Black Kites, Goshawks, Sparrowhawks and Eagle Owls.
Height above ground: 7 m and above.
Sites: Edges of woodland, in woodlands, clearings, areas cleared by windfalls, parks and fruit trees etc.
Delivery without bedding.


Size ∅ 110 cm - £225
Suitable for: White Storks.
With a flat base to encourage colonization and to assist in increasing the numbers of White Storks in their traditional nesting areas. Easy to install on roofs, etc.
Delivery without bedding.

    PriceFrom £105.00
    VAT Included
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