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Schwegler No. 13 house martin nest

Schwegler No. 13 house martin nest

Installation: With two rails (S-mountings) made of V2A metal (stainless steel) with two drillholes each. The brood nest is pushed into these mountings to fix them in place.
Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete nest on plastic mounting panel, staining steel fixing rails with stainless steel screws.
Dimensions: W 25 cm (including strip), H 9 cm x D 14 cm. Weight: approx. 0.9 kg.
Includes: Nesting bowl, stainless steel rails, stainless steel screws.


In addition, we supply suitable for No. 13 and No. 13B:
» ACCESSORY: Flat Connector for forming a row of nests

    PriceFrom £45.00
    VAT Included
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