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Schwegler No. 15 swift observation box

Schwegler No. 15 swift observation box

With this nesting aid you can experience Swifts in a completely different, new way and at the same time protect them. They enable us to observe and study the animals directly in their nest. Unforgettable observations are possible, not only during the rearing phase but much more besides.


Swift Observation Box No. 15

complete with basic box and nest mould


Swift Observation Box No. 15 is inserted or bricked directly into a façade just like a Nest Block. It is either installed flush with the external façade or it is pushed in further inside so that it can then be rendered on the outside.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
Brood chamber interior dimensions: W 36 x H 17 x 16 cm.
External dimensions: W 43 x H 24 x D 22 cm, equipped with a removable Nest Mould.
External dimensions of Nest Mould: W 13.5 x H 3.5 x D 20 cm.
Brood Mould: Internal ∅ 9.5 cm.
Observation and cleaning: Complete flap, including integrated protection against falling out (acrylic glass pane), is removable, ensuring a full view of the whole interior.
Weight: approx. 13.6 kg.
Includes: Nest box, nest mould.

    VAT Included
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