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Schwegler No. 16 swift box

Schwegler No. 16 swift box

Swift nest boxes for installation in external walls of buildings or for adding to the external surface of the wall. If wall insulation is required, this box can also be inserted into the insulating layer (see Fig. 3). Its solid construction makes this type suitable for very exposed, sunny positions, free from any restrictions. The maximum depth to which it can be inserted is 17 cm, and this is determined by the position of the entrance hole on the underside. The box then projects by about 3 cm. If the box is to be installed flush with the external wall surface we recommend using the Type 16S, which is more suitable because the entrance hole is at the front. The fixing bracket must also be used when attaching with screws to the wall of a building or possibly when installing in a layer of insulation (see Fig. 3).

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
Siting: On external façades or under the roofs of all kinds of buildings, for example, houses, industrial buildings, churches, road structures, walls or even cliffs and rock faces. For outdoor installation in very sunny locations. Alternatively, the boxes can also be bricked in or installed in the thermal insulation.
Installation: Can be installed within an external wall to a maximum depth of 17 cm in order to prevent the underneath entrance hole being blocked. It can also be attached to the surface of an external wall (or within a layer of rendering or external insulation) using the optional Fixing Bracket. The box can be painted, if desired, using standard air-permeable external wall paint. We recommend the use of our SCHWEGLER Nest Mould, which will increase the chances of swifts using the box.
Cleaning and inspection: Cleaning is easy and convenient but not essential. By turning the safety catch, the front panel is easily removed.
Interior dimensions: W 36 cm x H 17 cm x D 16 cm.
External dimensions: W 43 cm x H 24 cm x D 22 cm (incl. fastener).
Weight: approx. 11 kg.
Includes: Nest box.

    PriceFrom £110.00
    VAT Included
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