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Schwegler No. 17B swift nest box

Schwegler No. 17B swift nest box

Our tried and tested Swift Boxes have been used successfully throughout Europe for decades. The lightweight boxes are especially suitable for retrofitting on external façades. Alternatively, they can also be installed directly in a façade.


Material: Certified, asbestos-free, vegetable fibre-reinforced concrete and SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. Galvanised fixing elements.
Installation: The entrance should be a minimum height of 6 to 7 m above the ground or protruding parts of buildings. Greater heights are possible at any time. Attaching the box directly under the roof edge is advantageous. It is very important to ensure that there are no protruding parts, roof parts, pipes, etc. below the entrance, as Swifts approach and fly away very steeply. Therefore, the area under the entrance should be unobstructed and lead directly to the ground. It is advantageous and we expressly recommend that several nesting aids be installed for the formation of Swift colonies. Swifts do not need a minimum distance from fellow species – nesting boxes can therefore be positioned directly next to each other.
Suitable positions: On external façades or under the roofs of all kinds of buildings, for example, houses, industrial buildings, churches, road structures, walls or even cliffs and rock faces. For outdoor installation in very sunny locations we recommend our wood-concrete Swift nesting aid as an alternative, e.g. No. 16. Alternatively, the boxes can also be bricked in or installed in the thermal insulation.
Cleaning and inspection: The Type 17 boxes can be cleaned after the entrance rose has been removed. To this end, the entrance is turned through 90° (entrance hole vertical) and is removed. But in general it is not necessary to clean the boxes if they are used by Swifts. The Swift nest is always made in the darkest corner of the roost and away from the entrance hole.
Colour matching: Type 17 nesting aids are supplied in natural grey. They can be matched to the background colour by painting them with breathable paint.


Swift Nest Box No. 17B

single cavity, with enlarged brood chamber


This box provides a good compromise between weight, size and enlarged brood chamber. The larger brood chamber depth ensures more movement space is available, e.g. for training flying muscles. Easy to install with the two mounting brackets and fixing materials supplied as for Type No. 17A.


External dimensions: W 34 x H 15 x D 21 cm plus wing screws.
Brood chamber: W 30 x H 14 x D 20 cm.
Weight: approx. 4.8 kg.
Includes: Nest box, fixing bracket, screws, plugs.

    VAT Included
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