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Schwegler No. 21 little owl box

Schwegler No. 21 little owl box

The Little Owl, just 22 cm in length, is in acute danger of extinction. Its main habitats are gardens, small orchards or meadows containing white willows. Depending on the season, it lives mainly on insects such as crickets, as well as woodlice and mice. It frequently fails to colonise an area because of the lack of suitable nesting sites. Help is now at hand with the SCHWEGLER Little Owl Boxes of which there are four different types. Ornithologists recommend always hanging a minimum of three boxes immediately adjacent to one another since the birds will use one or more to store food and young birds will use them as shelter. Such measures will considerably improve the survival prospects for this species.


Little Owl Box No. 21

with protection against martens and drainage


Little Owl tube with a labyrinth to protect against ­martens. The rectangular shape enables a drainage grille to be installed as a more effective way of removing moisture. A flap at the rear of the tube, opposite the entrance, is provided for cleaning and for inspection. Two opposing internal entrance holes give protection against martens. Supplied with clamping band and Aluminium Nails for fixing onto horizontal branches.

External shape: rectangular.
Length: 83 cm.
Interior of brood chamber: 20 x 20 cm.
Width of entrance hole: ∅ 65 mm.
Weight: approx. 12.9 kg.

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