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Schwegler No. 9B house martin nest

Schwegler No. 9B house martin nest

The Double House Martin Nest 9B with nesting bowls made of breathable SCHWEGLER wood-concrete and multiplex bracket (angled board) has been developed as an alternative to the House Martin Nest 9A.

In this House Martin Nest the entries are orientated towards the front. The nesting bowls are easy to remove and push in thanks to their metal clip holders. For details of hanging up, occupancy, breeding period, cleaning and acceptance please see 9A.

We supply the wooden parts of Nest No. 9B and the Droppings Board No. 9B in untreated wood. Although not absolutely necessary, it is advisable to coat the multiplex bracket with wax, wood stain or (façade) paint before installing it, to minimise discoloration caused by the weather. Please do not coat the nest dishes, to ensure they remain fully breathable for successful breeding.

Hanging site: Under eaves on the external wall of buildings. Please ensure you hang it on side protected from the weather. House Martins do not breed within buildings.
Material: Nesting bowls made of SCHWEGLER wood-concrete on 12 mm multiplex  bracket.
Dimensions: W 46 x H 11 x D 15.5 cm.
Weight: approx. 2.6 kg.


» ACCESSORY: Droppings Board for House Martin Nest

    PriceFrom £60.00
    VAT Included
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