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Schwegler Type 1A swift box

Schwegler Type 1A swift box

The lightweight nesting box is ideal for inclusion in heat insulation systems on external walls. The protruding, ring-shaped perch at the entrance enables the box to be easily installed flush with the wall surface, leaving only the entrance visible. The design makes the approach much easier for the animals, even if the external wall presents a smooth surface. Ideal for installing on the external walls of all kinds of buildings. The box can be mounted with the entrance hole on the left or the right. No aperture for cleaning is provided because this is not essential if the box is occupied by Swifts.


Installation: under or close to roofs, at least 5 m from ground on a sheltered side. When installing ensure free access below the hole for birds entering or leaving the box. Several boxes can be placed in a group, because Swifts tend to live in colonies.
Occupants: Common Swift.
Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
External dimensions: W 34 x H 13.5 x D 15 cm plus 1.7 cm for the protruding entrance ring.
Weight: approx. 2.7 kg.
Includes: Lightweight Swift Box.

    VAT Included
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