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Side Clips for Acorn 5000 series

Side Clips for Acorn 5000 series

Pack of 2 side clips for the Ltl Acorn 5000 series trail cameras.  This includes the 5210A, 5310A, 5310WA, 5610A and 5610WA camera models.  These side clips hold the back battery compartment to the main camera body and make the weatherproof seal.

Sold in a pack of 2 with screws.

Safe fitting of the main camera body to the back battery compartment:

With the back battery compartment facing towards you, take the main camera body and make sure the left hand slide lug slots into place first followed by the right side lug. Then, whilst holding the two camera parts together firmly with one hand, carefully close each of the side clasps (changing hands as and when required). Then hand tighten the screw on the back.

Take extra care when unclasping if the camera has been outside during very cold and freezing conditions as that can make the plastic lugs and side clips a little more brittle.

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