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Swift Nest Box (NB)

Swift Nest Box (NB)

  • Bird box designed especially for swifts.
  • Redesigned in 2016, based on the highly successful Zeist design.
  • Ideally placed high up under the eaves on buildings.
  • Single compartment nesting area accessed through an oval entrance hole in overhanging front panel.
  • Modified in 2017 to a 28mm x 65mm entrance as a result of recent research findings.
  • Designed to keep starlings and sparrows from occupying the box.
  • Constructed from precision cut FSC softwood panels treated with water based environmentally friendly preservative.


Completely redesigned, our swift box is based on the highly successful Zeist design widely used in Holland. It has an overhanging front panel and oval entrance hole.  The entrance hole was reduced in size as a result of the latest research findings and guidance from Swift Conservation and other bodies specialising in swifts; these two features combine to reduce the chances of the box being occupied by starlings or sparrows.


Swifts spend as little as three months breeding in the UK each summer before returning to Africa. They have traditionally bred in the eaves and gables of buildings but these sites are becoming scarce as, increasingly in modern and renovated buildings, swifts are excluded. Swifts have declined in the UK by as much as a third in the past twenty years, one of the apparent causes being the loss of nesting sites. You can help these increasingly threatened birds by putting up our swift nest box to provide a safe comfortable nest site.


Our nest boxes are easy to fit. Simply secure them externally to the building in a quiet spot ideally high up (we suggest at least 5m high) beneath the eaves. It’s important that there is a substantial clear drop beneath the front of the box so the swifts have an uninterrupted flight path.


The box is constructed from precision cut FSC certified external grade European birch plywood and has been treated with environmentally friendly preservative which is kind to the birds but ensures a long lasting dry comfortable nest box. The Swift Nest Box features a single nesting compartment with oval entrance hole and removable side for access.


If the nest box is just occupied by swifts you'll not need to clean out the box however if other species use the box (sparrows and starlings will sometimes nest in swift boxes) then its best to remove all the nesting material in the winter when its not occupied and before swifts return in the spring.


ProductSwift Nest Box
Product-Code A1SWIZZZZ
MaterialFSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood
ConstructionPanels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
FinishNon-toxic water based stain and preservative
DimensionsOverall height: 21cm, Overall width: 43cm, Overall Depth: 21cm
FixingSix mounting holes at sides of the box.
    VAT Included
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