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The Tales of Old Billy Badger

The Tales of Old Billy Badger

The Tales Of Old Billy Badger 


A large badger sett sits near Garth Farm, home of the badgers so beloved by farmer Mr. Harpur and just some of the wild animals filmed by Mr. Calum on his trail cameras. Here, Old Billy Badger reminisces his long life, family, and friends, while young badger cubs play around him.

Intermingled with the life of Billy and his family are the lives of the other animals – Casper the otter, who, after a hard start in life, finds his partner and starts his own family; Reynard and Muffles the foxes, raising their own cubs against the difficulties that both nature and humans pit against them; Fuzzbutt and Bramble, the rabbits trying not to become the fox family’s next dinner and a host of other characters.

Tales of Old Billy Badger tells the stories of all these wonderful creatures, vividly recreating the natural world and what it faces against the less noble traits of humans.

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