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Ursus Trail Camera

Ursus Trail Camera

Ursus Trail Camera

Getting a good quality, reliable trail camera shouldn't always mean spending top-dollar. Using our decade of experience, we wanted to bring something to our customers that offered everything that you'd expect from a good trail camera without breaking the bank. 

We also wanted to fully separate this trail camera from the American hunting industry, which most other trail cameras are made for and marketed to.

We started with a solid, robust casing - ruggedly weatherproof and reliable whether you're using it in Surrey, the Sumatra or the Sahara. 

Next up it was good quality components - a 2.4 inch colour screen, clear buttons and switches, a good LED array, PIR sensor and lens. 

Finally, it was the usability and end results - strong battery life, good photos and 1080p video quality. 

The result is the Ursus Trail Camera. A trail camera just as at home recording nightly hedgehog visits in a garden or counting leopards in the jungles.


Our MiniPod tripod works perfectly with it - great for getting nice and close to the action in your garden.

If you still want the absolute best trail camera you can get, we'd recommend the Browning Recon Force Elite HP5, but if you're after a versatile camera at a more affordable price, the Ursus may be the one for you.

We can also offer better bulk discounts for environmental groups and organisations on the Ursus Trail Camera - get in touch to discuss. 


Watch in action

Max res: 1080p (30fps day, 30fps night)    Max length: 60 secs day, 20 secs night
Trigger speed: about 0.6 seconds    Recovery time: about 0.8 seconds

Video quality is important - we want to see the wildlife we capture in the best possible detail. The Ursus Trail Camera has 1080p HD footage, day and night, at 30 frames per second. We've squeezed the best quality footage and trigger speeds we can, whilst keeping the price point as low as possible.


Audio is clear, with minimal background hum – meaning you can hear the noises of wildlife trotting by, foxes barking or birds singing.

Audio quality was something we wanted to get right on the Ursus as it can add so much to wildlife watching - badgers chirruping at each other, or birdsong in a forest whilst a fox trots through. The result on the Ursus is crisp, clear sound without background hum. 


Speed and detection

Trigger speed: approx. 0.3s (photos), 0.6s (videos)    Recovery speed 0.8s
Detection range: approx. 80ft    LED type: No-Glow LEDs

There is no point in having a slow trail camera. Wildlife walks past, and almost as its gone the camera triggers - no good. So speed is really important. Photo triggers are always faster than video due to the different amounts of data. 

We have made the Ursus as fast as we can whilst keeping the price low - so it always reacts in plenty of time to the wildlife passing in front. These are also the real speeds of the camera - not exaggerated or inflated as you may see on other sites. 


Build quality & batteries

Warranty: 2 years (through Wildlife Services)
Batteries: 6x AA (Lithium recommended)

Reliability and a sturdy build was a pillar of what we wanted the Ursus Trail Camera to be. The case is IP67 rated, which means it is dustproof and waterproof down to 1m for up to 30 minutes, and so is equipped for harsh environments without performance being impacted. 

This is all really important as we wanted this trail camera to be at home either in a wet Welsh garden, semi-urban allotment or Scottish glen - but then also suitable for watching lions in Zambia or getting drenched in Borneo. 

The compact design also makes it easier to move about, and it still has built-in loops if you want to secure it with a Masterlock Python Cable lock. 

There is a tripod mount at the base of the camera, which is compatible with all standard tripods and our MiniPod.

We supply the Ursus Trail Camera with a 2 year warranty in the UK.


Ease of use

Having a trail camera that is intuitive and easy to use was paramount. The manual was handwritten by staff in the UK - it's clear and straightforward if you do need any more detail - explaining the options and the difference they make. We've named all the settings in plain English.

The large colour screen and backlit buttons make it easy to change the camera settings and check the footage you've already captured. 

The solid tripod mount also means it's straightforward to mount on our minipod or other tripod without fuss or concern.

Note that because this is a 'clam-shell' case, the screen can't be used to help you aim the camera!

    PriceFrom £105.00
    VAT Included
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