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Wildlife in the Balance

Wildlife in the Balance

Dubbed as perhaps one of the most important books of our time, Wildlife In The Balance unearths the untold stories of wild animals, their immeasurable impact on the health of our planet and why they are essential to win the climate fight.

Many of us have marvelled at the sight of a whale, songbird or elephant, but have you stopped to consider why these animals are important? “Wildlife In The Balance” gives the answers to this simple question and explains how animals contribute to life as we know it, and why they are essential in our fight against the climate crisis. Best-selling Author and Ecologist Simon Mustoe lifts the veil on the overlooked impact of wildlife, how animals help “engineer”, maintain, regenerate and restore ecosystems and why we’re better off to change our relationship with them from one of domination to one of cooperation before it’s too late.

In the book, Simon reveals why we need animals to rebalance our de-stabilised planet. Whilst the world is increasingly aware we need to stop burning fossil fuels and protect and restore natural ecosystems, there is, however, a tendency to overlook the importance of the wildlife living in these natural ecosystems. In fact, with the twin crises of climate change & biodiversity loss and a 6th mass extinction looming, there has never been a better time to understand the critical role animals have on our planet, what the stakes are for our future and survival, and what all of us can do to help rewild habitats and restore wildlife populations.


Best Seller in Wildlife Books

Ian Redmond OBE describes this as ‘perhaps the most important book of our time’, prefacing this important conservation book with:

“Wildlife in the Balance is a readable romp through diverse areas of natural history, physics and philosophy, it strings together theories and facts with a rare clarity. The reader emerges with an understanding of nature and the forces that shape the biosphere, our only home, and how we are a part of it and dependent on it.”


Praise for 'Wildlife in the Balance'

Important beyond compare, utterly engrossing, at once chilling and heartening.

- Dame Joanna Lumley


"A symphony of science and stories that inspires and educates on every page.” 

–Vicki Renner, Artshub 4.5★


“Could easily be considered as the most important book to have been created in the world of environment and ecological science.”

–Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews


“This is a ‘must read book’, and a book that needs to be shared.” 

–Karen Smith, GoodReads 5★


“Do well to enjoy, as I did, Wildlife in the Balance.” 

–Andre Kabel, Read, Listen, Watch 4★


“A uniquely engaging paperback and compelling read.”

–Cheryl Akle and the Weekend Australian, Notable Book


About the Author

Simon Mustoe has worked all over the world as an ecologist, expeditioner and conservationist. He’s tumbled in boats amid frigid North Atlantic storms, trekked solo into Madagascar’s remote dry forests, discovered unknown species of seabird in Australia’s tropical ocean territories and recorded previously unseen whales in West Papua. His thirty years as a researcher, communicator, expert witness and consultant for industry, governments and conservation groups has offered many oblique views of our interaction with nature and candid examples of our failure to protect it and ourselves.


Telling the story about our relationship with and dependence on wildlife is Simon’s passion. He co-produced Australia’s National Landscapes Nature Series, sends his online magazine Wildiaries to a quarter of a million Australians and illustrates his own blog, Animal Impact. Meanwhile, Simon continues to play an active role as adviser to important ecosystem restoration initiatives.

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