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Woodstone House Sparrow Nest Box 10366

Woodstone House Sparrow Nest Box 10366

SKU: 10366


This nest box is suitable for house sparrows, but it is also inhabited by tits. House sparrows also breed in colonies, so we recommend siting a number of boxes together.



The nest box (screws included) should preferably be mounted on a facade under the edge of the roof or gutter. It can also be mounted freely on a wall, at least 3m high. Attach using a z-bracket securely fixed to the wall with the fittings provided. This allows for the box to be easily removed from the wall when cleaning is required.



Clean the nesting box once a year, after the young birds have fled. To do this, turn the screw hook at the bottom by 180 degrees, the front can then be removed. If the nest has a second brood, the nesting box must be cleaned after they have fledged.



Stock code10366
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)38 x 22 x 26
Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)28 x 17 x 17
Weight (kg)6
Hole Size65 mm x 30 mm
Wildlife (species)House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow
Wildlife (general)Sparrow
    VAT Included
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