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Woodstone Visible Build-in Swift Box (UK Brick Size) 90677

Woodstone Visible Build-in Swift Box (UK Brick Size) 90677

SKU: 90677


Our brand new visible Swift Box is manufactured to UK Brick Size Specifications.

This is a 'fit & forget' nest box ideal for including in new buildings or renovations in the hard to access sites that Swifts prefer, such as under the eaves. Like all WoodStone® products the nest box offers the occupants protection from predators and insulation from extremes of temperature.


This Swift building block can be used for new construction or renovation. It is designed to be built into a wall. The block sits on the front wall leaving 50mm approximately hanging into the cavity and leaving 50mm or more for insulation where you have warm space behind.  It has two nesting pans internally, allowing for the box to be mounted with the whole either to the left or right depending on preference.

The insulation in the cavity can simply continue behind the block, so there is no thermal bridge. If insulation has to be cut away, it is important to cut the insulation around the circumference of the block.

This block can be used in a rendered wall as it has a flat Woodstone front to render to. Use a former to ensure the entrance hole does not get filled with render or reduced in size.

Preferably install the built in block in the gable end on the north or east side of the building 3 courses down from the top . This gives an ideal height for the block and is an area where there will be little disturbance from humans. Keep the flight path of the nesting box clear so do not allow trees or shrubs to grow in front of the wall. Swifts likes to breed in colonies, therefore it is advisable to build in several building blocks together. The distance between the mounting the blocks must then be at least 40 centimetres. No nesting material needs to be added. The recommendation is that you should place a minimum of 1 block per new dwelling so on a 30-house development you would have 30 blocks on the site.


Swifts use little nest material and do not make dirty marks on the façade.


Stock code90677
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)44cm x 14cm x 15cm
    VAT Included
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