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Meadow Turf

By far the easiest way to create a wildflower meadow is by using our amazing wildflower turf. We've created two meadows here at the Cottage using this method and both meadows are thriving. We had masses of native flowers and grasses within a very short time.

This is the stuff they use for the show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show and other top gardening events and we're pleased to have supplied wildflower meadow turf for several award-winning show gardens.

The turf can be laid on almost any soil, at any time of the year, provided it's not too dry, too wet, too hot or too cold. Ideally, wet the soil thoroughly before laying the turf, as this encourages the roots to go down into the soil and the turf will establish more quickly.

For most situations the general purpose meadow turf will give the best results, unless your location demands one of the special turves.

If your meadow turf is to go on a slope, you may want to get some of our biodegradable turf pegs to hold the turf in place while it establishes itself. They're also useful to prevent the turf lifting during dry weather, if they're not watered enough. They come in boxes of 500 15cm (6 inch) pegs.

All our turf contains a biodegradable mesh, unlike some others which contain plastic. Minimum order is 5 sq m.

We can't think of an easier way to convert an area of ground into a wildflower meadow! Once you've prepared the soil you just need to roll out the turf, water it from time to time, then sit back and watch it grow! You can even use it on a green roof for a really dramatic effect.
The native flower seeds mixed into the turf will give you wildflowers from early spring right through to autumn which will provide a fantastic habitat for birds, butterflies and other insects. Whilst you're waiting for your turf to bloom you can easily add a few native species bulbs to it.

We can even install your turf for you!

It doesn't matter how large or small an area you want to convert... our Wildflower Turf is supplied in easy to use rolls. So, you can order just as much as you need, from 5 sq m to a full pallet, or a few trucks full.
Note that there may be a surcharge for delivery to northern Scotland.
We can't supply to Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.

Shipping is charged after we receive your order, as it depends on quantity and postcode - see the rates by clicking on the photo above and then the shipping charge image - shipping charges are plus VAT. 

Our standard wildflower meadow turf is a 75% mix of wildflowers and 25% grass seed so that you get a high proportion of flowers. All seeds used are, of course, from native stock (unless specified). The grasses used in the turf form a dense sward which acts as a weed blanket, giving the wildflower plants a head start against outside competition, and have been chosen to complement rather than overwhelm the flowers.
Because Wildflower Turf is grown on a plastic base all the root development is contained within the turf itself, creating a good mat of roots. This gives it great strength which in turn makes it easy to handle and lay. And because it hasn't been cut from topsoil it hasn't lost its roots, so it establishes itself really quickly.
Maintenance, apart from watering it during establishment, is minimal... no weeding or fertilising should be necessary, just an annual cutting in autumn.


I recommend cutting in late summer to 75mm (3 inches), then let it grow through the winter and cut again during its first spring. I cut mine through May, as this stops some of the more aggressive wildflowers, such as ox-eye daisy, shading out the fine native grasses and other species when it's grown on richer soils (you may not need to do this on poor soils). From 1st June just let it do its thing until late summer and you should get a great show of wildflowers and grasses. Grasses are just as important for wildlife as flowers, more so for many species of insects, including butterflies and moths.

Wildflower turf can be grown using specific species to suit your requirements, so please contact us with your requirements.

There are seven variants of our Wildflower Turf:

  • Standard Wildflower Meadow Turf - Ideal for establishing native species wildflower meadows

  • Species Rich Lawn Turf - For those who want a lawn with some wildflowers in it

  • Native Enriched Turf - Includes some non-native perennial flowers to extend the flowering season - ideal for garden borders (no grass)

  • Shade Tolerant Turf - Includes over 40 species of flowers and grasses, with a minimum 75% wildflowers

  • Low-growing Turf - Usually growing to a maximum of 40-50cm and contains some aromatic species

  • Wildflower Roof Turf - This native species turf is more drought-tolerant so is ideal for use on roofs

  • SuDS Turf - Specifically for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

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