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Badger Gates

Badger Gates

Badgers are very strong; they climb and can burrow under a fence in minutes. A standard stock fence is little deterrent against these determined creatures who will make every effort to follow their established routes.


Tornado badger gates have been specifically developed to provide a permanent solution for each of the following challenges:

Manufactured from galvanised steel to allow badgers access, or to allow them out but not back in.

Allows badgers to continue using their favoured paths, but without damage to fences or escaping livestock, or dogs.

Can be used in an exclusion, together with upright badger fencing or chainlink ground mesh, to allow badgers to leave their sett, but prevent them returning (must be done under a licence). Our badger gates are also available to hire!


Our badger fence is not only suited to allowing badgers access, but keeping your animals fenced in.


    This item can be returned within 60 days, provided it is in as-new condition, for a full refund.


    Shipping cost is included in the price of this item, which will be shipped from the manufacturer.

VAT Included
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