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Equipment Hire

Badger Gate Hire

Galvanised steel badger gates available for hire.

Select the number of gates you want and then the number of weeks.

Infra Red Camera Hire

Canon XA20 camera for hire, per week.

Adjust the quantity for the number of weeks you need it.

Thermal Camera Hire

We have a few thermal cameras and lenses available for hire. All have around 640x480 sensors and built-in WiFi.

Adjust the Units for number of cameras you need, where available, then adjust the Quantity for the number of weeks.

Photographs not to scale.

Trail Camera Hire

Quality trail cameras, as used by us, available for hire. Up to 60 fps video on some models.

Select LED type (if available), then number of weeks. Photographs not to scale.

Wildlife Recorder Hire

A variety of wildlife recorders, hand-held and static, ultrasonic and acoustic (audible). All recorders are full-spectrum.

Select number of Units required and then adjust Quantity for number of weeks - if 'Units' isn't shown, we only have one of this unit currently available, so just choose number of weeks.

Note that the SM4BAT/Swift/Express Plus/Mini Bat all do much the same thing.

Also, SM4/Mini/Micro are all 'acoustic' (audible sound) recorders.

Scout/Walkabout/M2/EMT all do much the same.

Photographs not to scale.

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