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We only supply top quality torches, many of which we use ourselves.

These are primarily from Cluson, a well-established British company, and LED Lenser, a German company with a base in the UK.

The 'Clulite' torches from Cluson are well-known and respected throughout the ecology community, having been used for decades for newt and other species surveys. Now, with lighter and more powerful li-ion batteries, they're easier to carry and won't break your back.

My own personal favourite torches include the 'Clulite' Clubman lamp with a pocketable li-ion battery pack and the LED Lenser head-torches and pocket torches, especially the P-series.

If you need any Cluson or LED Lenser torches, accessories or spares not shown, please email us with your requirements.

Martin, Ecologist & Biodiversity Consultant with Wildlife Services

Click on the links above to see full details of torches and accessories, or scroll below if you know what you want.

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